Kris Aquino Teases on possible comeback

  • Kris Aquino teases on a possible mainstream media comeback through her social media post
  • However, the Queen of All Media shared that she could not share the news as of yet because of a non-disclosure agreement
  • Netizens shared that Aquino might be hinting on a possible return on a gameshowca

Kris Aquino, the Queen of All Media, gave a hint on her social media accounts on a possible comeback in the mainstream media.

Is Kris Aquino Back?

The Queen of All Media shared a lengthy post on her official Instagram account about some great news that she could not disclose to the public just yet due to a non-disclosure agreement.

Apparently, it’s all great news for the former talk show host. Aquino thanked various individuals including Jeff Vadillo, vice president of Cornerstone Entertainment Inc., for his positivity and guidance. However, according to Kris, she could only share the news when her NDA no longer prohibits her.

“I’ve been blessed with patient nurturing from a few good men who continued to have faith in me even when my own wavered. A few posts back i thanked @jiggycruz and @paanipedro. @alvingagui deserves a medal for keeping my life together.”

“BUT this one is wholeheartedly dedicated to @jeffvadillo for his resilient positivity and clear thinking guidance, plus someone who has treated me with decency & respect whom i can only give a shout-out to once i’m home, and my NDA no longer prohibits me from sharing the awesome news.”

In the post, Aquino also reflected on the past experiences that she had to go through to get where she is now. She shares that maybe her story would inspire other people in the challenges in their lives as well.

“In case some people have let you down in the past, whether in a work environment where you felt belittled, taken advantage of, or made to feel disposable; or in a friendship or relationship when they just didn’t value you enough that you felt hard to love, only to later see that loving and friendship are not meant to be a solo effort, they need honest reciprocity, loyalty, and trust, and not only when it’s easy and convenient- maybe you had to see glimpses of my journey, my story.”

Kris Aquino Reflects on her Experiences

Aquino also said that in order to know about good relations, it is important to not give up on trust and hope because everything will be all in God’s timing. She also said that God is kind and loving, and the trust in him should not be wavering.

Netizens started speculating on Aquino’s return to mainstream media, specifically in a great game show comeback because of a statement she wrote at the end of her post.

“Siguro sa lahat ng pinagdaanan at nalampasan ko na, umaapaw na ang LIFE LESSONS na baon ko. Natuto na ‘ko, natuto na tayo, kaya naman READY NA, GAME NA, NOW NA.”

[Maybe with everything that I’ve been through and I overcame, there is an overflow of life lessons that I have. I’ve already larned. We already learned, that’s why we’re ready now, game now.]

In the most recent headlines, Aquino reminded her fans and followers that sisters Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine Barretto are still grieving and that there is no need for anyone “to add to their pain” amid the controversy revolving around them.

When a netizen jokingly commented on the birthday greeting on her Instagram, the Queen of All Media did not seem to find the comment funny, and replied: “@bie.lao you know that they are grieving, right? [A]nd there’s no need for us to add to their pain?”

Kris Aquino, Kris, Aquino, comeback
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The actress’ response gained her praises from some of her fans and followers.

“[This] is real kindness and class… something that you don’t see in some people!” Instagram user @liamcalibuso said.

Kris Aquino, Kris, Aquino, comeback
via Instagram

Meanwhile, she also recently resolved her own issues with her yearlong feud with brothers Nicko and Jesus Falcis. The parties ended their numerous court battles last October.

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