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Mobile phone users can keep their numbers when switching provider

Mobile phone users can keep their numbers when switching providers starting Sept. 30, according to the Philippines’ three major telcos.

Telecommunications Connectivity Inc stated there may be “inconveniences” as the law is implemented for the first time in the country.

Postpaid and prepaid customers can now swap carriers while keeping their numbers.

“We wish to announce to the Filipino people that as of today, Sept. 30, the core services of mobile number portability are now ready,” said TCI general manager Melanie Manuel.

The Philippines now has mobile number portability, according to TCI, the committee formed by DITO, Globe, and Smart to oversee the law’s implementation. TCI was established by DITO Telecom munity, Globe Telecom, and PLDT’s Smart Communications to oversee the law’s implementation.

At least 1 million users are expected in the initial phase, Manuel has stated.

Telco’s have stated that the rule will force them to improve their offerings in order to retain and acquire new subscribers.

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