Reasons Why Employees Hate their Bosses

Previously, we shared with you the Top 10 difficult people at work where we identified different types of person at work who are difficult to deal with. In this article, we are presenting you the 9 reasons why employees hate their bosses or why employees find it hard to interact with their bosses fantastically.

In an organization composed of different personalities, it is expected that every employee must learn how to adjust and blend in with these different types of people in order to achieve a harmonious relationship among the employees.

  • You don’t know what you are doing

Many bosses are untrained, uncaring and not held accountable for their actions and interactions with employees.

  • You treat them disrespectfully

When bosses shout, belittle worker’s ideas, ignore their input, and criticize them unfairly, they feel disrespected.

  • Work is all YOU!

Many bosses want to be the center of employees’ world. They give expectations based on the outcome that would make them look good and would punish workers who make them look bad.

  • You over manage good employees

Even earnest managers can make an incorrect assessment about how much managing an employee need. Over managing can send signals of not trusting the workers ability to accomplish the job.

  • You don’t know what they’re doing

You don’t have to know how to do every employer’s job to be a good manager. But you have to understand enough about their work to guide them.

  • You don’t act as if they have a life

You don’t need to know everything about the lives of your staff. If you make them feel guilty, object to what they need to do or act as if you are put out every time they pursue their priorities, they will hate you and the best will leave

  • You don’t give them credit when credit is due

When bosses don’t recognize accomplishment of workers and take credit instead for their work. They start to doubt and hate them.

  • You don’t have their backs

When a project or timeline failed. And the boss blames the worker rather than supporting her and offering advice, such boss will be hated.

  • You are a BULLY.

Bully bosses intimidate workers with words, threaten employees and their jobs, belittle employees and chip away their self-confidence and self-esteem with criticism, name calling, and ridicule.

If your boss possess atleast one of these characteristics, then you are facing a challenging situation. But that is not a horrible, at least, your ability to interact with them is also being challenged.

Find out how you can deal with them in our upcoming articles.

Reference: Human Behavior in Organizations Handout by Professor Joy Tio, PHD.

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