Unveiled: Jon and Bullet Jalosjos’ Experience as Outsiders in the ‘Eat Bulaga!’ Universe

In a startling revelation, brothers Jon and Bullet Jalosjos have spoken out about the dismissive treatment they received as members of the family that finances Eat Bulaga!, the longest-running noontime show in the Philippines. Despite their financial backing and their prominent positions within the Television And Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE), the brothers allege they have often felt like outsiders within the organization, disregarded by the hosts, production bosses, and even the security staff.

Bullet, who serves as Chief Finance Officer of TAPE and is the current mayor of Dapitan City, expressed his disappointment at being sidelined. “We have been part of the show since it started. But every time the family would come here, we were never treated like we were family or even producers,” Bullet said.

Jon, who is CEO and President of TAPE, echoed his brother’s sentiments. He reported being barred from accessing the dressing room of main hosts Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon. The brothers’ sister, Soraya Jalosjos, who is the executive vice-president for production at TAPE, also reportedly faced a similar lack of recognition and respect.

The Jalosjos family has been integral to the success of Eat Bulaga! for over 44 years. But despite their long-standing relationship, they have been distanced from the Eat Bulaga! team and were often not recognized at official events.

The brothers perceive the issue to be rooted in the organizational structure, where Tony Tuviera, aka Mr. T, was the point of contact between the hosts and production staff. The brothers believe this has caused a disconnect between the Jalosjos family and the rest of the organization, creating a culture of disregard and disrespect towards them.

With a change in management and the Jalosjos family taking over the production, the brothers are hopeful for a more respectful and inclusive environment within the company. Jon revealed that he is actively working to create a fair system for the employees, which includes the establishment of an HR department for the first time in the company’s 44-year history.

With these significant changes in place, the brothers are hoping to usher in a new era of mutual respect and collaboration within Eat Bulaga!, creating a more inclusive environment for everyone involved in the show.

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